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The Walking Dead: Destinies Character Roster Guide

The Walking Dead video game lets you play as Rick Grimes — or k*ll him, and change the outcome of the TV series.

What would you do if you could control the outcome of The Walking Dead? Do you play as Rick Grimes — or kill him in cold blood? Does the villainous Governor become an ally? Will Glenn live to see a happier ending? And what happens if the Ricktatorship is the Shanetatorship instead? In The Walking Dead: Destinies, the fates of 11 fan-favorite survivors are in your hands. The third-person action-adventure video game lets players relive critical moments from seasons 1-4 of the AMC television series, with gamers taking control of how the story unfolds across such iconic locations as Atlanta, the Greene farm, the Prison, and Woodbury.

Publisher GameMill Entertainment describes the all-new Walking Dead video game coming to PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam: “Change the course of The Walking Dead history. Play as Rick Grimes, who wakes from a coma to find his world forever changed. Fight walkers, relive iconic moments from the hit television series, and change the destiny of The Walking Dead Universe as your choices separate heroes from villains, and the living from the dead.”

Playable characters include the Grimes family — Rick, his wife Lori, and their son Carl — and Rick’s police partner, Shane Walsh. From the Atlanta camp, there’s Merle and Daryl Dixon, Carol, T-Dog, and Glenn; at the prison, the katana-wielding warrior Michonne; and the leader of the walled-off Woodbury community, Philip Blake, a.k.a. the Governor. Each character has a ranged and melee weapon of choice: Rick’s revolver, Daryl’s crossbow, Carol’s knife, and Shane’s shotgun are all available to you to kill walkers (and humans).

Rick Grimes


Start the game as Rick and lead the group through the early chapters of The Walking Dead survivors’ iconic journey. Will you make the same choices as Rick, or will you forge your own path?

Ranged Weapon of Choice: Revolver
Melee Weapon of Choice: Bat

Shane Walsh


Shane will do whatever it takes to keep the group safe… whether they like it or not. If Shane had been in charge, would more of the original group survived?

Ranged Weapon of Choice: Shotgun
Melee Weapon of Choice: Sledgehammer



Michonne’s melee skills and ability to call bullshit make her an irreplaceable part of the group dynamic. Is Michonne’s past the key to changing the course of history?

Ranged Weapon of Choice: Pistol
Melee Weapon of Choice: Katana

Daryl Dixon


Daryl’s tracking and hunting skills are unmatched among the Atlanta survivors. Would Daryl’s life be different if Merle made it off that rooftop in one piece?

Ranged Weapon of Choice: Crossbow
Melee Weapon of Choice: Knife

Merle Dixon


Merle’s old-fashioned ideas and abrasive personality can cause friction within the group, to say the least. Is there a smart way to harness the chaos he creates, or is the group really better off without him?

Ranged Weapon of Choice: Pistol
Melee Weapon of Choice: Machete

Carol Peletier


Carol’s pragmatism and resourcefulness are crucial for the survival of the group. When the time comes, will you trust the calls she makes or go your own way?

Ranged Weapon of Choice: Pistol
Melee Weapon of Choice: Knife

Carl Grimes


Carl is brave, resourceful, and determined. He is on a journey to becoming an expert marksman having a keen eye, allowing him to hit faraway targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Ranged Weapon of Choice: Revolver
Melee Weapon of Choice: Bat

Lori Grimes


Lori is trapped between a rock and a hard place — the man she loves, and his former best friend. Can you change history so she lives to see her children grow up?

Ranged Weapon of Choice: Snub-Nosed Pistol
Melee Weapon of Choice: Crowbar

Glenn Rhee


Glenn is determined to show the group the kind of man he can be, and he’s pretty good at sneaking past walkers when there are too many to fight. Will his romance with Maggie end happily ever after this time?

Ranged Weapon of Choice: Pistol
Melee Weapon of Choice: Crowbar

Theodore “T-Dog” Douglas


T-Dog is a practical and quiet man who wants to keep his people together. Will you heed his warnings, or will your choices cause him to become someone altogether different?

Ranged Weapon of Choice: Pistol
Melee Weapon of Choice: Sledgehammer

The Governor


The Governor will do whatever it takes to maintain control and march toward his singular vision of the future. He is a powerful enemy to be sure… but could he make an even more powerful ally?

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