Twilight: 10 Greatest Betrayals

Between Edward leaving Bella in New Moon and Jacob lashing out at her in Eclipse, the Twilight Saga is filled with intense betrayals.

Sometimes, a traitor isn’t always “some sort of villain trying to steal your virtue or something,” as Bella famously says in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Betrayal comes in different shapes and sizes, in the form of breakups, lies, war, and unacceptance. Depending on the action, it can cut deep and worsen the wound through its aftermath. Stephanie Meyer’s romance saga involves a heavy amount of betrayals. Conscientiousness generally drives someone to reevaluate a decision they made in the past or will make in the future.

However, betrayal really exists within a deep and loving relationship, whether it be a romantic partner, a friend, or family. Twilight displays the question of humanity in both mortal and immortal beings. Edward constantly challenges Bella’s belief that he has a soul, believing that it would be a betrayal to her if she gives up her human life. But, aside from just Edward’s choices and opinions, other characters also make some pretty questionable decisions that end up betraying a person they love.

When Bella Leaves Charlie Similarly To How Her Mom Left

Bella Swan and Charlie Swan Sitting On The Couch in Twilight

Although this is low on the totem pole of betrayals in the saga, it’s still a truly heartbreaking moment when Charlie believes what Bella says to him. He’s still so distraught and traumatized by his ex-wife’s departure, that reliving it when his daughter abruptly leaves is doubly painful.

In order to save him, Bella has to lie and convince him she must leave Forks for her own good. In a moment of desperation to leave the house, Bella tells Charlie that she needs to leave, or else she’ll get stuck there like her mom.

When Bella Picks Edward Over Jacob

Bella Swan Standing Between Jacob And Edward

From Jacob’s point of view, this is an act of betrayal. Jacob feels that Bella is choosing the worst life ever as a vampire even after all he’s sacrificed for her.

Letting her in on his secret in being a werewolf, welcoming her into the Quileute clan, and overall, comforting her when she deals with her breakup from Edward constitute his sacrifices for her. When she picks Edward over him, it feels like a serious stab in the heart to Jacob.

When Alice Cuts Ties With Bella

Alice Cullen Face Close Up

Fans might defend Alice here because they know that Edward only leaves to protect Bella from the vampire drama-filled life, and he thus must push his family to leave her alone as well. So, Alice only does what she’s led to believe by Edward and her own visions of Bella’s impending immortality if the Cullens remain in her life.

However, Alice always talks about, and shows, how much she loves Bella. Alice already sees the future with a strong friendship and sisterly bond between them. Therefore, if Alice genuinely sees Bella as a sister, perhaps she shouldn’t have betrayed her in her time of depression and loneliness. In New Moon, Bella types out unsent emails to Alice, showing her need to open up to someone she can trust, and Alice basically ditches her so-called “sister” in this vulnerable time.

When Victoria Lets Riley Die

Although most fans don’t appreciate either Victoria or Riley due to their inherently evil nature in the third film, the moment when she chooses her objective over her so-called “partner” is true betrayal.

As Edward confronts Victoria in the snowy mountains, he provokes her to fight him so that he can finally kill her. Riley is eventually dragged off by one of the wolves while screaming Victoria’s name. She looks at him briefly and shows zero care that he is struggling, as he absorbs this in the few seconds he has left. Talk about a serious backstabber, and she even has the nerve to tell him “you know I love you” when Edward tries to warn him that she couldn’t care less about him.

When Jacob Tells Bella She’s Better Off Dead

Well, this is seriously hurtful. Not only is Jacob her best friend, but he also shares this deep connection with Bella. While it’s difficult for him to grasp the fact that she loves Edward more than she loves him, (according to Bella), Jacob still allows his frustration to cause Bella pain.

It’s true that he regrets what he says, but this statement is still a gash in their friendship. Now, Bella has it in mind that her best friend wants her dead instead of living her life as a vampire, all because he chooses to despise “their kind.”

When Bella Chooses The Baby Over Edward

Pregnant Bella In The Sofa And Edward Kneeling Holding Her Hand

This may cause some controversy, but when solely looking at this from Edward’s perspective, it’s a betrayal in his mind as he watches his true love go against him and exclude him from her decision.

While Bella has every right to her own body, which includes the choice to either keep or give up the baby, Edward only sees this as a stab in the heart. Fans even see the rare sight of him screaming at her, saying “You’ve given me no choice! We were supposed to be partners in this, Bella!” Bella’s choice to keep the baby is thus going against him and their relationship, in Edward’s perspective.

When Rosalie Thoughtlessly Tells Edward Bella Died

Rosalie In New Moon

This is above so many other incidents because of what this causes Edward to do. If Edward died, his death wouldn’t have just affected Bella, it would also have broken the entire Cullen family. Carlisle and Esme would have lost their son, and the other siblings would have lost the brother they love.

While Rosalie makes a mistake and admits it later, she still impulsively calls Edward to tell him that Alice saw Bella commit suicide. If she would have waited for Alice to check up on Bella, Rosalie wouldn’t have caused such a monumental problem. This, therefore, is a moment of betrayal because Rosalie betrays Edward, Bella, and the whole Cullen family.

When Bella Basically Cheats On Edward

Bella Swam Driving A Van

Now, some will claim that her kissing Jacob once doesn’t count as “cheating,” while some others will agree that yes, she does actually go against Edward for a minute. There is also the point that Bella doesn’t necessarily cheat on Edward because she still chooses him over Jacob.

However, when considering how traditional and self-sacrificial Edward is for her, Bella does betray Edward here. Edward has fought (literally), risked his life, and exposed his whole family all for Bella. The sight of his true love making out with another guy, especially a natural enemy to him, is a huge betrayal. Edward understands, though, why she does this, which makes this moment between her and Jake all the more backstabbing against how empathetic of a person Edward is.

When Edward Refuses To Accept Bella’s Choice

Bella staring at her pregnant stomach in the mirror in Twilight

This is another perspective on this situation because Edward, initially, refuses to empathize with why Bella wants to keep this child. He only thinks of losing her, which makes sense, but he still doesn’t attempt to be on her side until much later. Edward technically only thinks of himself and the pain of losing her, rather than what she wants.

At the beginning of her pregnancy, Edward isn’t as intimate or affectionate as he usually is, which when thinking about it, must make Bella feel pretty lonely and isolated from the love of her life. Although she never explicitly tells Edward this, it’s still a deep cut he gives her when he turns against her when she needs him the most.

When Edward Breaks Up With Bella

Edward Touching Bella's Face In The Forest

This is one serious betrayal against Bella, and in general. Not only does he break her heart, and soul, he also leaves her unprotected against other vampires, such as Laurent and Victoria.

Bella doesn’t speak, barely eats (as even Mike Newton notes), and experiences violent nightmares for several months. This affects Charlie and her friends, all because Edward thinks so lowly of himself and vampires that he expects her to “move on” with a “normal life.” He is the main source behind her depression and her danger. If it weren’t for the wolves, Laurent would have killed Bella right in that meadow, and Victoria would have reached her in the water.

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