Twilight: Best Soundtrack Songs From The Saga, Ranked

Even those who disliked the Twilight Saga have to admit the movies had an incredible soundtrack. From Muse to Paramore, here are the best songs!

Fans of the Twilight series have long talked about the soundtracks for the movies, and even if some have misgivings about the series itself, the soundtracks are still well-curated and enjoyable. There were many original songs created by famous artists just for the movies as well as some other popular songs used for added impact.

Overall, the most recognizable songs from the film saga were fairly popular songs you might hear on pop or alternative radio at the time of the movie’s release, but there were a couple of notable instrumental pieces fans associate with the series, too.

Iron & Wine, “Flightless Bird, American Mouth”

Twilight Bella Edward bed

While this song wasn’t created just for the movie, it is a rather memorable inclusion on the Twilight soundtrack. Overall, many fans view the soundtrack for the first film as the best because it is very atmospheric and fits the moodiness of the books.

It’s a slightly edgier and alternative album, and this song’s indie vibes play over scenes of Edward and Bella, as they dance at prom, and again at their wedding. The lyrics are a bit odd, but the song is very engaging.

Christina Perri, “A Thousand Years”

While earlier soundtracks weren’t full of as many pop hits, this track was quite popular on the radio at the time of Breaking Dawn’s release.

It’s a love song that fits perfectly with Bella and Edward’s romance as it speaks of loving someone for a thousand years, and since vampires are immortal, it works rather well. Many people associate it with the series, but since it’s so on the nose, it’s higher on the list.

Death Cab for Cutie, “Meet Me on the Equinox”

This is another more moody and indie-sounding song, but this time it’s actually from New Moon. The song is one of many that was created just for the soundtrack which is rather impressive coming from so many well-known bands like Death Cab for Cutie. This is a more melancholic song about a relationship, and it fits with the more depressing mood of New Moon.

Muse, “I Belong to You”

Looking back on the Twilight soundtrack is a good reminder of just how big the movies were when they were released. Muse has more than one song on the various soundtracks, and this particular selection is from New Moon. They also contributed a song to Twilight and Eclipse.

While the original version wasn’t created just for the movie, the special re-mix was done to be included. This remixed version has more guitars than the original. While a different song by Muse is higher on the list, this is still a strong track.

Florence and the Machine, “Heavy In Your Arms”

Bella, Jacob and Edward in Twilight

Given the themes that Florence and the Machine often sing about, it was a great choice to include one of their songs. And, while people might associate the first soundtrack with all the best songs, this gem was actually from Eclipse.

It’s a very dark and seductive song that’s about love and the burden it can place on people. It’s just one of many songs from the soundtracks that have perfect lyrics to go along with the plot and characters.

Paramore, “Decode”

Band Paramore gained a lot of pop fame while still having alternative flair, so it seems fitting that they would have such a major song for Twilight.

This is another track that was created for the movies, and it was also included in the original soundtrack. While the song is only in the end credits, many people associate it with the film. And, the music video even features scenes of Bella and Edward.

Blue Foundation, “Eye on Fire”

Jacob And Bella Speaking In A Field

This song isn’t an original for any of the films in the saga, but it is just a really good tune. It was difficult to rank the best songs given that every person will have their favorites and there are so many great ones to choose from, but the witchy feel of this particular selection makes it weirdly perfect for the supernatural elements surrounding the story.

It’s also got a violent streak which matches well with all the vampire and blood stuff going on. It is surprisingly well-fitting for a movie about vampires and werewolves.

Muse, “Supermassive Black Hole”

Rosalie as the batter during the Twilight baseball game

Muse was a huge band before Twilight, but this track strongly tied them to the film in a way that no other band was. While they didn’t just make this song for the movie, everyone thinks of Twilight when they hear it now.

This upbeat and catchy tune was played while the iconic baseball scene was happening. This moment is widely loved by the fandom, and even people who aren’t big Twilight lovers probably will recognize the scene and the song. The tune was a brilliant choice, and fans will never forget it.

Claude Debussy, “Claire de Lune”

Bella and Edward play the piano in Twilight.

To be fair, this song has been famous for hundreds of years, and it’s a staple in classical music. However, for fans of the series, this song will always be connected to Edward.

Here we have a departure from the other songs on the list up until this point, but while alternative and indie music worked well for the movies, instrumental choices were also key. This piano piece is one that Edward and Bella bond over.

“Bella’s Lullaby”

While it’s hard to rank and pick the best songs from five soundtracks, the top choice could be none other than “Bella’s Lullaby.” This track serves as the most well-known musical motif from the movie, and it’s been used in many fan-made videos, Tik Toks, and more.

It mainly has piano notes that stand out against the backdrop of the other instruments, and it’s the perfect theme for Bella – Edward composed it for her, after all.

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