Twilight Meets The Hunger Games: 5 Friendships That Would Work (& 5 That Would Turn Ugly)

If the world of Twilight and The Hunger Games were to collide, which pairs would start a fight, and which would fight together?

It’s always great to see characters from different shows and movies collide, like how the Disney Channel would host episodes like “That’s So Suite Life Of Hannah Montana,” or how literally every MCU character showed up in Avengers: Endgame.

But what if two of the biggest, most unforgettable film franchises clashed too? What would it be like if Edward and Bella met Katniss Everdeen? There are millions of questions about how this would go down, vampires and werewolves finding themselves in something worse than a supernatural world, which is a dystopian society. Perhaps characters of The Hunger Games wouldn’t be too surprised to meet immortal beings since they have experience with fighting off bloodthirsty, computer-generated, humanlike animals. The real question though is who from Twilight and The Hunger Games would actually get along, and whose alliance would gradually turn ugly?

Prim & Bella (Good)

Prim & Bella

Prim and Bella have similar, self-sacrificial hearts. Both girls are willing to do whatever it takes to protect the ones they love while being forced to grow up such young ages. Prim takes on nursing to help her mother and others, proving her altruism just as Bella doesn’t back down from danger in order to save her loved ones.

The two young women could bond over their familiar struggles in the different worlds they live in. Moreover, Bella could have possibly become an older sister figure to Prim just like Rue was a younger sister stand-in for Katniss in the first games.

Finnick & Edward (Ugly)

Finncik & Edward

The main thing these two have in common is their undying love for the women in their lives, Bella and Annie. Other than this, the differentiating warriors would soon take a turn for the worse once getting to know each other further.

Edward is more of a calculative, intellectual, and overall internal fighter, while Finnick pushes forward with his outward confidence in himself, especially whenever he uses his weapon in the games. He appears to have an overconfident mask at first, which would turn Edward off if working together with Finnick. A battle against another enemy would reveal each man’s true colors to the other, ruining any chance of a long-lasting acquaintance.

Peeta & Edward (Good)

Peeta & Edward

Like Edward, Peeta has a certain level of maturity that is shown where he eventually understands and respects Katniss’s initial feelings for him. Edward also doesn’t pressure Bella to choose him. The two male characters are traditional men in terms of love, but also responsible when it comes to a fight.

If they were to work together, Peeta and Edward would develop a friendship based on their innate ability to empathize with others. Mutual respect is key for both heroes and would be the similar trait they’d use when working together. Their values align with one another’s when dealing with other people, such as how Edward strongly despises the idea of a human being forced into the vampire life, and how Peeta doesn’t want every tribute’s death to be in vain. Their choice to retain humanity (no pun intended for Edward) is their basis of friendship.

Gale & Jacob (Turn Ugly)


Although Gale and Jacob may seem like they’d get along at first, their relationship wouldn’t continue for too long. Both men are confident and daring, in both battles and in daily life. They were basically born into the warrior lives they embark on, as Jake’s ancestry made him a wolf and how Gale’s father’s death made him the head caretaker of his family.

However, their varying levels of impulsiveness would clash negatively and cause a huge rift between them. Jacob’s emotions overtake him a little more easily than do Gale’s, and Gale would have a problem with Jake somewhere down the line once he’d see Jacob’s frustrations emerge.

Gale & Emmett (Good)

Like Emmett, Gale ultimately appreciates the feeling and reward of a fight. Gale has more of an incline to fight because of his terrible upbringing in a totalitarian regime, but Emmett’s thorough entertainment of war would compliment Gale on a battlefield. Emmett doesn’t hesitate at all when he smiles slyly before a battle, showing his excitement.

The two men would form a friendship once fighting side-by-side. Working together wouldn’t be too difficult, since Emmett can channel his more composed demeanor before throwing himself into a fight, like how Gale composes himself.

Katniss & Rosalie (Ugly)

Well, this one should be pretty obvious. Although both women are very headstrong and unstoppable, their initial alliance would not last. After all, similar magnets repel one another, right?

Like Katniss, Rosalie vocalizes her dissent with just about anything, including her outward dislike of Bella in the beginning. She doesn’t have a problem telling someone off for the sake of those she loves. However, in working together, this would turn into an eruption. The powerful women would quickly become annoyed with each other simply because of just how similar they think. They would possibly view the other as a threat to either themselves or their families.

President Snow & Aro (Good)

President Snow & Aro

The two main villains of both franchises would possibly butt heads on a few different views, but all in all, they’d definitely get along.

Aro has a similar demeanor to Snow’s, in that he becomes violent and aggressive when he hits a certain point. However, both characters maintain a calm, sometimes even silent, demeanor when going after what they want. They use a similar strategy when working with other people, such as how Snow assuages others around him around the Capitol by conveying a placid aura. Aro does this exact same thing by establishing a calm and amicable essence when first meeting Bella.

Johanna & Alice (Ugly)

Johanna & Alice

Both Johanna and Alice are incredibly powerful, fearless characters. However, their personalities wouldn’t mix well in the end if they were to face each other.

Alice is an overall kind person, who doesn’t appreciate an overconfident, reckless person, which Johanna has the tendency to be. If Alice were to be in that elevator scene when Johanna strips in front of the boys, Alice would possibly quietly judge her for her carelessness. Johanna may even think of Alice as an unnecessary obstacle, like how she perceives Wiress to be “nuts” in the Quarter Quell games meanwhile she is actually a “genius” as Katniss says. Ultimately, the two wouldn’t appreciate each other’s strengths because they’d see them as weaknesses.

Mrs. Everdeen & Carlisle (Good)

Mrs Everdeen & Carlisle

These two parents would connect well with one another. They experience different struggles in their individual lives, but all the while understand how to control themselves in times of emotional pain. However, their real connection would be through their medical abilities to care for other people.

Just as Carlisle enjoys helping people despite his existence in desiring blood, Mrs. Everdeen is known as “the healer” in District 12 like when she immediately aids Gale after he is whipped by a peacekeeper. Both characters choose to dedicate time to save lives, and this would establish a strong bond, possibly a friendship.

Katniss & Bella (Ugly)

Katniss & Bella

This is not the best mix in general. Not only would both women disagree on their different beliefs, but they’d also dislike each other’s overall persona.

Human Bella would not appreciate Katniss’s cold attitude, reminding her of Rosalie’s, perhaps. Katniss would really not admire Bella’s traditional stance on a family though, as Katniss struggles with her mindset on bringing children into such a dark, traumatic world she lives in. Also, Katniss would possibly not empathize with Bella’s choice to forgo humanity for love. Although as a vampire, Bella would probably work with Katniss well due to similar battle techniques, a connection would not be developed in the end because of their differing beliefs in starting a family and in how they live their lives.

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