Seinfeld: Every Main Character’s First & Last Line In The Series

Seinfeld is one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time. Here is every main character's first and last lines, showing where it all began and ended.

The iconic sitcom Seinfeld will go down in history as one of the greatest television shows of all time. The groundbreaking series became a pop culture phenomenon and introduced unforgettable catchphrases and one-liners that are still popular today. The four friends from New York turned the classic sitcom format on its head.

The characters uttered classic lines throughout the show’s history. Of course, it all started with their first line of dialogue and ends with the last. In between, they went on many wild adventures through life and romance. The characters created defining moments in TV history that fans still remember to this day.

Jerry Seinfeld: First – “Seems To Me That Button Is In The Worst Possible Spot.” Last – “Yeah, Maybe We Have.”

The first episode of the series, “Seinfeld Chronicles,” starts with a conversation between Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza at the coffee shop. And they have the same discussion nine years later in the series finale.

Jerry points out to George that the second button of his shirt is too high. Therefore, it makes or breaks the shirt. In the final scene of the series, the four friends are sitting in a jail cell. Jerry makes the same comment about the button. George and Jerry have a moment of deja vu and realize they might have had this same discussion once in the past.

George Costanza: First – “Are You Through?” Last – “I Think We Have.”

As noted, George and Jerry have the first conversation of the series. In the scene, Jerry points out the flaw in George’s shirt. An annoyed George sits quietly for a few minutes before trying to move on to something else.

Jerry and George have a very similar conversation in the finale while sitting in the jail cell. George is more annoyed than the first time and points out that they had the same conversation before. Jerry is skeptical at first, but George is confident.

Morty Seinfeld: First – “Ah, There He Is!” Last -“So Bring A Snack-Pack.”

Morty Seinfeld and Helen Seinfeld talking on the phone on Seinfeld

Jerry’s parents often stopped by to check on their only child. His father, Morty, makes his first appearance in “The Stakeout.” However, actor Phil Burns portrayed the role in his debut. Morty and Helen are staying with Jerry for a little while. Morty even gives Jerry some relationship advice.

Later, Barney Martin took over the role in his next appearance. In the finale, Morty and Helen attend the trial, but have no lines. Earlier in the final episode, Helen packs a suitcase of cereal for Jerry and Morty thinks she might be bringing too much.

Estelle Contzaga: First -“I Don’t Understand You. I Really Don’t. You Don’t Have Anything Better To Do At Three O’Clock In The Afternoon?” Last – “You Know.”

Seinfeld - Estelle Costanza

George’s mother, Estelle, was there for all of her son’s most important moments and she makes an infamous debut. She first appears in the critically acclaimed episode “The Contest” when she catches George in a compromising position and severely injured her back.

In the finale, Estelle attempts to bribe Judge Art Vandelay to let George go free. Of course, her plan doesn’t end up working since George goes to prison for a year.

Kramer: First – “Are You Up?” Last – “I Got It-It’s Out! How About That, Huh? What A Relief.”

Seinfeld - Kramer

Cosmo Kramer often stole the show with his wild entrances and exits. Indeed, nobody could enter or leave a room like Kramer. Nevertheless, Kramer often made Jerry’s life miserable. In the first episode, he stops by Jerry’s place in the middle of the night and spoils the Mets game.

In the finale, Kramer gets water in his ears, which sets off a whole series of events. In the final scene, the four friends sit in their jail cell in complete shock. Of course, Kramer finally gets the water out of his ears and celebrates. It’s the most significant moment of his life.

Helen Seinfeld: First -“Y’Know, Jerry, We Don’t Have To Do This.” Last – “He Likes It. He Says He Misses That More Than Anything.”

Helen talking on the phone on Seinfeld

Helen Seinfeld was very proud of her son Jerry. Indeed, she thought he could do no wrong. Helen appears in the episode “The Stakeout” for the first time. Jerry’s parents are visiting, but Helen hates to inconvenience him and thinks they should stay in a hotel. However, Jerry likes having them there.

It’s no secret that Jerry loves to eat an enormous amount of cereal. When he ends up in jail, Jerry deeply misses his favorite food. Helen wants her son to be happy, so she packs a whole suitcase of cereal.

Frank Costanza: First – “Eight Years Have I Had This Car. Not A Scratch On It! Eight Years!” Last – “I Had To Make A Living!”

Seinfeld - Frank Costanza

Frank Costanza was often yelling at his son, George. George seemed to anger him regularly. Frank first appears in “The Handicap Spot.” He’s furious when George borrows his cars and damages it. Of course, George parked in a handicapped spot but forgot to mention that to his father.

In the finale, Frank and Estelle argue and blame each other for George ending up in prison. Estelle feels Frank wasn’t around enough, but Frank points out that he had to provide for the family.

Elaine Benes: First – “Cocoon II: The Return. I Guess They Didn’t Like It Up There.” Last – “‘Cause You Only Get One Call. The Prison Call Is Like The King Of Calls.”

The first episode of Seinfeld had people talking, but something was missing. It’s safe to assume that Seinfeld wouldn’t be the same without Elaine Benes. But she makes her first appearance in the second episode, “The Stakeout.” The first time she appears, Jerry and Elaine are trying to pick a movie to watch. Elaine checks out the sequel to a popular movie at the time, Cocoon.

Of course, Elaine was no better than her three best friends when it came to lack of tact. In the finale, she calls a friend that just lost her father at an inappropriate time but feels that calling from prison excuses her.

Newman: First – “I Can’t Eat Fruit. It Makes Me Incontinent.” Last – “And I’ll Be There, In All My Glory, Watching – Watching As It All Comes Crumbling Down.”

Newman and Jerry glaring at each other in Seinfeld

Newman and Jerry Seinfeld were mortal enemies. Newman couldn’t even stand being in the same room as Jerry and vice versa. Newman makes his first on-screen appearance in “The Suicide” and wastes no time annoying Jerry. And, of course, both Newman and Kramer often overshare as we see here in Newman’s first line.

In the finale, Newman first tries to join Jerry and the gang on their trip to Paris, but Jerry turns him down. Newman then explodes with anger and vows that Jerry will suffer. Newman gleefully attends the trial and watches on with anticipation. In the end, Newman is full of joy when the judge sentences Jerry to prison.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Stand-Up: First – “You Know Why We’re Here? To Be Out. This Is Out.” Last – “Alright, Hey, You’ve Been Great! See You In The Cafeteria.”

In 1989, most shows started with elaborate opening credits. Seinfeld went in a creative direction. For the first few seasons, each episode began with Jerry performing at a comedy club. In the first episode, Jerry does a bit about leaving the house and wonders what’s so exciting about being out.

In the final episode, the four friends end up going to jail. In the final scene, Jerry performs stand-up comedy for his cellmates. Of course, nobody laughs except for Kramer, and the guard yanks Jerry off stage. As Jerry exits, he thanks everyone and promises to see them around.

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