10 New Year’s Resolutions Inspired By Seinfeld Characters

While the main characters of Seinfeld are not exactly the most model of citizens, there's still a lot to learn from Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer.

In the season 8 episode of Seinfeld called “The Millennium,” Newman and Kramer are both throwing big celebrations for the year 2000, and Jerry can’t help but poke fun at them. The gang on this beloved sitcom might not be big on making plans for each new year, as they would probably find it lame to plan on going to the gym more or eat better. They do know how to celebrate the holiday season, though.

But even though Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer aren’t exactly New Year’s resolution people, fans of the show can be motivated to write down some goals based on these loveable cynics.

Find That Dream Apartment Or Home

Elaine Benes sitting on couch at party on Seinfeld

There are a few times on Seinfeld when Elaine wants to get a new apartment. She is kept awake by a dog that won’t stop barking in the season seven episode “The Engagement,” and in the second season episode “The Apartment,” she almost moves into Jerry’s building.

People can be inspired by Elaine and make 2021 the year that they find their dream apartment or maybe even their dream house. It’s a great goal to have, as it’s fun to decorate a new space, and maybe they even want to get involved with some painting or renovation projects. Elaine would be impressed (and probably a bit envious).

Make Reservations And Plan Ahead

Elaine, Jerry, and George in "The Chinese Restaurant" episode of Seinfeld

The famous episode “The Chinese Restaurant” finds Jerry and his friends trying to eat at a restaurant without a reservation. This definitely backfires, as they have to stand there (and stand there) and they get hungrier and more irritated.

Be inspired by Jerry and his pals and always make reservations in advance to avoid this type of frustrating situation. Whether meal planning or writing down daily and weekly goals (or both), there are so many ways to set yourself up for success.

Say No To Boring Parties & Obligations

Seinfeld Elaine gets George a job

The characters on Seinfeld seem to always be invited to countless parties, even though they’re not the most fun to have around. It seems like Jerry and Elaine, in particular, would be much happier if they would start saying no to some of their social obligations, as they don’t usually have a good time.

Be inspired by Seinfeld characters and finally say no to those obligations that only lead to annoyance, awkwardness, and misery. Jerry would wish that he could, too.

Be On Time And Be Someone Others Can Count On

George makes mistakes that fans can relate to and so do the other characters. A lot of the time, the gang is late when trying to go to a party, and even if they’re going to the movies or another social outing, they always seem to be scrambling.

Seinfeld fans can be inspired by this and make a New Year’s resolution to always be on time. Sure, it’s not always possible to be super early, and sometimes being a few minutes late is inevitable, thanks to traffic and other uncontrollable elements, but it’s a good goal to have. Fans can also be someone that their friends and family can count on, as despite the characters’ flaws, Jerry and his social circle are loyal to each other.

Stop Jumping To Conclusions (Control Anger & Stress Level)

George can be kind, but he can also be a real jerk, and there are many examples of this where he acted strangely.

He messes up in the second season episode “The Phone Message” by becoming livid that his girlfriend didn’t phone him, but she was away, so she couldn’t have. George could do a lot to control his anger and stress level and fans can, too. Make it a 2021 goal to stop jumping to conclusions and learn the full story before getting too upset.

Become More Organized And Return Library Books

seinfeld jerry in the library

In the third season episode “The Library,” Jerry is upset to learn that he supposedly didn’t return the book Tropic of Cancer to the library back in 1971.

Don’t take a page out of Jerry’s book and, instead, plan to be more organized in 2021. This involves returning all library books, along with any items borrowed from friends and family, and maybe even writing things down in a paper agenda (or a digital one). If Jerry had been a bit more careful, this strange situation might not have happened.

Watch More Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

Jerry siting back with his feet up on the table in Seinfeld

In the sixth season episode “The Beard,” Jerry pretends that he doesn’t watch Melrose Place, but viewers learn that he actually loves this show. By the end of the episode, the whole gang is enjoying an episode.

Be inspired by Jerry and instead of lying about guilty pleasures, be honest and have fun. Watch more enjoyable TV shows in 2021 and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Chances are, a friend or relative is just as obsessed with one of those shows.

Stand Up For Yourself

George and Elaine fighting over the big salad in Seinfeld

In the sixth season episode “The Big Salad,” Elaine wants a take-out salad from Monk’s, and George is annoyed that she doesn’t seem to realize that he got it for her. Instead, Julie, George’s girlfriend, gives Elaine the food. George has many hilarious plots on Seinfeld, including this one.

While Elaine doesn’t like that George is being petty about the salad, he does make a good point. It’s important for people to stand up for themselves, and while who bought a salad might not matter in the grand scheme of things, it does become a bigger deal in other situations. People can be inspired by George and be more proud of themselves and their accomplishments in 2021.

Clear Out That Storage Unit And Work On Becoming Neater

Jerry and Newman on Seinfeld

Jerry is a pretty neat person and his apartment never looks that messy. Newman, on the other hand, starts storing mail in Jerry’s storage unit in the eighth season episode “The Andrea Doria.”

Newman makes some bad choices and this is definitely a strange one. Do the opposite of Newman in 2021 and finally clear out that storage unit (or even a closet that has too much junk in it). Many people wish that they could keep their homes cleaner, and a new year is the perfect opportunity to clean more regularly.

Take More Time To Relax

george on seinfeld

In the season 8 finale, “The Summer Of George,” he realizes that he can get severance pay and so he decides to not work all summer long. There are times when it’s tough to pity George and this is one of them, as most people can’t take two months off work.

This might not be that easy for most, but fans of Seinfeld can be motivated to take more breaks and relax more in the coming year. It can be hard to unplug and stop thinking about work, but it’s definitely healthy to make self-care part of everyday life and to take weekends off, along with a vacation every year, whenever possible.

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