Twilight: 10 Strongest Male Characters, Ranked By Power

Though they're often mocked by non-fans for their femininity, the strength and power of some of Twilight's male characters in undeniable.

Twilight became the biggest vampire franchise to come out of the 2000s. Between the vampires, werewolves, and supernatural abilities, fans went nuts for the storyline, but fans also couldn’t help but favor the male characters. While some fans were Team Edward or Jacob all the way, Emmett and Jasper had their own charm and powerful personas.

Emmett is after all the beast of the Cullen family. Looking back at the hit movie, certain male characters were obviously more powerful than others. There were some humans intermixed with 100-year-old vampires, as well—not to mention the Cullen family had certain unique abilities. But, don’t put it past Charlie to put up a fight with his years as a police officer.


Eric crying during class in New Moon

It’s no surprise that the human male characters from the movie would rank considerably lower than the rest. Eric had no idea about the supernatural world. In the movie, it’s clear that he prefers his jokes and lightening the mood. But, fans do have to admire that Eric is a loyal friend and even openly accepted Bella when she first arrived in Forks.

Eric doesn’t rank as high seeing as he never shows any bravado or physical strength that would come in handy. He’s a good friend to have around when going out on the town on a Friday night.


Mike talking to Bella in school parking lot in Twilight

Mike ranks slightly higher on the list but is still hindered by the fact that he’s a human in a vampire and werewolf world. His biggest advantage is his more robust form from playing sports. His years on the field could prove useful in certain situations when having to take down a possible threat.

Yet, Mike never really proves himself in the first movie, much less in the following sequels. He’s not one to step up to the plate and is still insanely jealous of Edward when he dates Bella. In New Moon, Mike falls flat when Jacob joins his and Bella’s movie outing. Jacob calling Mike a ‘marshmallow’ is accurate.


James hunting in the woods in Twilight

James is only an antagonist in the first installment, but he quickly became an enemy of the Cullens when he threatens to kill Bella after smelling her blood. The reason why he holds some power is that he’s tagged as a ‘tracker.’ James is skilled in following his prey and is ruthless.

Laurent even warns the Cullens that James doesn’t stop his hunt until he gets what he wants, but this also proves a not-so-great quality. He’s egotistical in his skill and his need to do as he pleases. While it was smart of him to trick Bella to go to the ballet studio, he was too cocky and outmatched by the Cullens.


Laurent warning Carlisle about James in Twilight

Laurent won some brownie points in the first movie when he splits ways with James realizing the big mistake he made in going after Bella. Laurent’s ability to think for his own safety is a huge plus. Not to mention that he would rather not get entangled in James’s mess and warn the Cullens to be on their good side

But Laurent makes a fatal mistake; looking at Laurent’s history, he doesn’t have the best control over his need for human blood. This leads to his downfall when he revisits Forks and remeets Bella in the meadow. Entranced by the smell of her blood, he decides to kill her, and Laurent meets his demise when crossing paths with the wolves.


Jacob’s flaws have always been an issue when it comes to analyzing his strength and character. In Twilight, he still wasn’t a shapeshifter. With his long black hair and a more lanky body, Jacob could have easily been taken down. It’s not until New Moon that fans got to see his potential.

He does have the strength of a born alpha and of a wolf, but he lacks certain characteristics. He’s incredibly impulsive and often relying on his anger. Jacob also holds grudges, especially against Edward often putting Bella’s safety at risk. His impulsive ways have led to some bad situations like kissing Bella or getting his bones crushed, though he still ranks high for his super strength and agility.


Charlie deserves a lot of praise since the first movie for his parenting skills. Charlie may not fully understand Bella, but he seemingly does as their the same type of chill and easy person. He was never suffocating but always caring for her overall well-being. When Bella fakes breaking up with Edward, he tries to reason with her in a calm manner.

Thus proving Charlie’s overall mental power as a father. Beyond this, Charlie is also a veteran police chief. He has years of experience in firearms and possibly threatening situations. Fans can’t forget his gun cleaning scene in the movie. Charlie also proves his greatest strength of being open-minded. He did accept Jacob for being a wolf.


Emmett soaked in water from a lake

Emmett is the proclaimed muscle bear of the Cullen family. He stands considerably taller and is buffer than the rest of the male characters—he’s like the bouncer of a club you don’t want on your bad side. Emmett is known for being the strongest amongst them. When Bella was a newborn, she was put up against Emmett in arm wrestling.

His confidence and willingness to jump headfirst into any fight can be useful. The man is fearless, but this trait can also hinder him. He thinks more with his fists than reason. Emmett gets is higher on the list for physical strength and charm.


Jasper with scowl while training the wolf pack

Jasper gets some points seeing as, in the first movie, he was still considered a newbie just weening off human blood, which explains why he, as Jessica put it, “looks like he’s in pain all the time.” Jasper’s mental strength of being able to attend a human high school while resisting temptation deserves some praise.

In the first movie and the sequels, Jasper proves that he’s incredibly agile and experienced having been a former soldier. Not to mention, he has a past training newborns, which he uses to train the wolves for battle. But Jasper does have a flaw; he may be able to manipulate emotions, but he’s apprehensive of others and relies on Alice.


Edward in school parking lot before meadow scene in Twilight

Seeing as Edward is the main male character in the franchise, he does have his strengths. He not only reads people’s minds, but he defies Cullen rules to be with Bella. Some praise is given to him for pushing aside his lust for Bella’s delicious blood to be with her as well as his mental fortitude to keep their relationship at bay for her safety.

Edward has proved to be powerful when it comes to reasoning. Above all, he has confidence in himself and being able to hide who he really is. His calm demeanor comes from years of practice. But, Edward does have a flaw: Bella. He puts her safety and needs above all else. Edward is often riddled with guilt for being with her, and he even breaks up with her to try and keep her safe.


Carlisle treats Bella at the hospital in Twilight

Taking the top spot as the most powerful male character is the Cullen family patriarch, Carlisle. He deserves the role for many reasons. He’s the oldest by far and the one with the most experience as a vampire. When Edward recounts how he was turned, he explains what Carlisle did was the hardest thing for a vampire to do. Carlisle resisted human blood to administer his venom.

His true power comes from who he is; Carlisle is a doctor saving countless human lives, which is not an easy feat as a vampire. Above all, he can keep his authority in any station. For example, when he convinces Edward to suck the venom out of Bella or when Bella cuts her finger, leading to disaster. Carlisle has always been the voice of reason and composure.

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