The Twilight Saga: Each Character’s Most Iconic Scene

The Twilight Saga is one of the most beloved movie series of all time, but what were the best, most iconic scenes for each character?

If any book-to-movie franchise has been a rousing success, it would be Twilight. Stephanie Meyer’s creation were already successful, but they skyrocketed to fame when they were adapted into a film franchise. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and many more of the franchise’s stars were thrown directly into the public eye for years. Teams Edward and Jacob were invented to rally fans who preferred one of the two heartthrob boys in the infamous vampire-wolf love triangle.

There are many iconic moments throughout the five separate movies and each character’s personality shines through those different moments that really seem to encapsulate their characterization or story arc.

Rosalie: Her Memory Of Killing Royce King

Rosalie In Wedding Dress Twilight

Although this is one of the darkest scenes of the whole series, Rosalie isn’t afraid to lighten the mood a bit in an empowering way. As she recounts the moment when she was brutally assaulted and left for dead, Rosalie reveals how she got her sweet revenge when she became a vampire.

When viewers see her dressed up in her wedding gown, accented with her set of fresh red eyes, they see how tough she really is—especially in saying, “I was a little theatrical back then.” This was absolutely an iconic scene that speaks volumes about who the character is.

Bella: Confronting Edward In The Woods

Bella and Edward at the forest in Twilight.

Many agree that this scene is questionable for a human leading a vampire into the woods alone. But this is the iconic Bella Swan in action. She is literally a danger magnet, as she is deemed throughout the story.

The true iconic part of this scene is when Edward asks Bella if she’s afraid of him, to which she says “no.” She quietly yet boldly retaliates against Edward’s attempts to scare her, and this is precisely where she establishes herself as such an iconic character.

Edward: Trying To Prove He Is A Killer

After Bella leads him into the woods by Forks High School, Edward takes the initiative to thoroughly jolt Bella into feeling fear. What’s truly iconic here is Edward’s desperation to frighten Bella by throwing a tree branch and running “impossibly fast.”

“As if you can outrun me. As if you can fight me off. I’m designed to kill,” is the clearly odd yet iconic moment when Edward conveys what his nature truly is. And yet, he sparkles in the sunlight a few moments later, the cherry on top of this entire iconic scene. The entire woods scene is Edward’s most memorable scene and it officially prefaces who he really is for the rest of the story.

Jacob: Shirtless Meeting Up With Bella

Jacob is picture-perfect six pack-abbed endearing yet impulsive werewolf teen image that Team Jacob lives by. His countless shirtless scenes are a huge fan favorite of the franchise, and there is one scene where he marks his status as an icon.

In Eclipse, Jake picks up Bella from Edward to hang out with her. As he casually leans against his car, Edward calls him out by asking, “Doesn’t he own a shirt?” Jacob’s careless expression says it all as he waits for Bella to walk up to him. It’s a concise yet hilarious moment that establishes Jacob as the template of all shirtless guys.

Jasper: The Battle Training

Viewers that aren’t familiar with the books don’t fully understand Jasper’s backstory until Eclipse when he trains the Cullens and the wolves to fight newborns.

Jasper’s entire battle-training scene is led by him, as he teaches the others what to expect and ultimately how to effectively fight. It’s here where audiences get to know Jasper as the militaristic vampire that he was established to be in the source material books.

Emmett: The Baseball Field

Emmett standing on baseball field wearing white baseball cap in Twilight

Emmett isn’t difficult to figure out. The playful, funny, big-mouthed, physically tough vampire is typically the one delivering the jokes in the Cullen clan. But it’s in the baseball field scene in Twilight when fans can see his true self come out.

The full scene on the field shows him playfully taunting the opposing team, and especially Rosalie by calling out, “Babe, come on, it’s just a game.” Emmett’s establishment of his iconic character doesn’t take much effort since the moment is simply him just being his unapologetic self.

Esme: Reassuring Bella

Close up of Esme in Twilight

After Bella essentially saves Edward in Italy, Esme welcomes her back with open and gracious arms for saving her son’s life. When Bella stops by to hold the vote as to who wants her to join the vamp clan, Esme conveys her extensively kind personality.

By saying that she already considers Bella part of the family, Esme effortlessly shows how iconic she truly is as the matriarch of the Cullen family. There are, of course, other memorable scenes with Esme continuing her iconic status, but this is the first scene that shows Esme’s true soul.

Carlisle: Encouraging Edward To Stop

carlisle removing venom twilight

While this is officially a movie-only scene (as it does not happen in the book), Carlisle’s most iconic scene is toward the end of the first film in the ballet studio. As he pushes Edward to suck the venom out of Bella’s blood, he then sees Edward struggling to stop.

It’s in Carlisle’s words, “Find the will to stop,” that makes him an icon. Here, viewers see how much of a father figure and caretaker he is, and also how much of an influence he has on his son’s morals.

Charlie: Preparing To Meet Edward

Charlie and Bella in the kitchen

Charlie is the ideal caring yet awkward father who fans adore for many reasons. As a cop, he is obviously a protective parent to Bella and doesn’t hesitate to comment on any guy she gets with, specifically Edward Cullen.

When Bella is about to go out with Edward to “play baseball” with the Cullen family, she quickly briefs her dad on that, only to see his uncertain reaction. He jokingly shows off his gun and says “Bring him in” as if to threaten Bella’s new boyfriend. It’s hard not to see him as the iconic dad here, protecting his little girl.

Alice: Threatening Aro Of His Future

Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen staring at the viewer in Twilight

Alice is a free-spirited, intuitive and insightful person who considers Bella a sister from the start. It’s difficult not to appreciate her lightheartedness throughout Bella’s many difficult or uncomfortable situations.

Although she marks the image of a fun-loving vampire psychic, she is much more than meets the eye and this is unveiled in Breaking Dawn Part 2 on the battlefield. When she lays the future scene for Aro in his mind, she threatens him that this is his future unless he decides on “another course.” Here, Alice embodies the icon of the underestimated yet highly essential figure in the story. Her facial expression and stone-cold voice convey that she has more of a backbone than others.

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