10 Best Quotes From The Twilight Cast About Their Time Filming

The Twilight cast has done countless interviews about being on set and there are some amazing and hilarious quotes from them about filming the saga.

The Twilight saga is nearing status as a cult classic of the 2000s. Although it may seem like the vampire love story was just in theaters yesterday, the first film debuted in 2008, and the last installation was released in 2012. Many of the actors in Twilight were just starting to make a name for themself.

Nowadays, they’re certified superstars and more of their personalities have shown through in the many interviews they’ve done about filming the Twilight films–and some of the things they have to say are downright hilarious.

Robert Pattinson:

“The hardest scene to film was probably the birth scene in Breaking Dawn – Part 1, mainly because it was hilarious, and it was supposed to be really serious.”

Twilight Breaking Dawn CGI Baby Renesmee

Rob Pattinson has a reputation for being a quirky guy, especially in interviews, and from what he’s shared, it seems like he’s the resident class clown of the set. With that in mind, it’s not surprising at all that Pattinson had a hard time keeping a straight face while his vampire soulmate was bleeding to death in childbirth.

Breaking Dawn had some majorly cringey film editing, including Bella’s gaunt pregnant dummy body double and Renesmee’s terrifying CGI face. The birth scene was sure to have some snicker-inducing scenarios because of all the weird added movie magic.

“I never understood the physics of how that happened–how it spins and then goes straight sideways. If he was driving a Volvo, it wouldn’t have happened.”

Edward with his Volvo: Twilight

If die-hard fans of the series haven’t watched the director’s commentary version of the films, which feature Pattinson, Stewart, and sometimes Lautner, then they’re missing out on some amazing insights into the filming of the film series. Pattinson’s roasts from the director’s commentary are especially hilarious.

He makes jokes about not knowing the cameras were rolling, or explaining the reasoning behind a single glance or laugh in a take. Additionally, he makes a jokey product placement for the official car of the Twilight saga, saying that if Tyler had been driving a Volvo, he never would have skidded on the ice in the first place.

Kristen Stewart:

“Me and Rob got into a lot of trouble [in Twilight]. We wanted it to be not so polished. [The studio] wanted me to smile all the time. They wanted Rob not to be so brooding. We were like ‘No! You need to brood your a** off!”

Bella and Edward kiss in Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

This quote is mostly hilarious because fans can’t imagine a smiley Bella or less-brooding Edward. The thing that makes Twilight what it is is the angsty nature of the main characters of the series. Many would say that the writers could have even gone stronger with Edward’s moodiness.

Some of the Twilight quotes that fans wish were in the movies showcase the vampire teen’s flair for the dramatic even more than the movie script did. Plus, a constant smile would look odd paired with Bella’s other nervous mannerisms, like running her hand through her hair or biting her lip.

Anna Kendrick:

“You know, this is a really great group of people and I’m sure that we would be friends at a different time, but I want to murder everyone.”

Anna Kendrick with Twilight cast : Twilight

It would never be said that Forks, Washington is a dream destination. Although some have gone as far as to visit real-life Forks and detail their trip in TtikToks that Twilight fans would love, it’s not a warm or sunny location. Drenched and cranky, Kendrick recalls her time shooting the first film as completely miserable.

She describes time on set as a trauma bond between the cast members and crew, which is hilarious in and of itself. The idea of Kendrick tapping into her inner Jessica to complain about her ruined shoes is very in character.

Taylor Lautner:

“The wig, it was a very important costar. There was hatred between the both of us. It did not like me, I did not like it. Not fond memories.”

Taylor Lautner as Jacob, Robert Pattinson as Edward, and Kristen Stewart as Bella in Twilight

Die-hard fans of the series already know that Jacob’s long, flowing locks of the first and second film were actually a wig. Apparently, though, they didn’t get along very well. He was, most likely, very happy when the wig got cut after his transformation in New Moon, and his character was featured more.

Most of the time, Lautner’s problem was with not having enough on, as he commented in an MTV interview that he had no fun being the only shirtless one. It’s hilarious to know that his first problem was with having a little too much on in the form of some fake hair.

Nikki Reed:

“I remember Catherine Hardwicke had all of us take this cat movement class, so that we could move our bodies in a way that felt cat-like.”

Rosalie as the batter during the Twilight baseball game

A cat movement class sounds absolutely amazing, and cat parents reading about it will surely Google the closest one, so that they can bond with their fur babies. While it’s hilarious to picture Robert Pattinson crawling around the ground like a cat, it’s also a really interesting take on how the first director thought that vampires would move and act.

After all, Edward does call himself a lion that fell in love with the lamb, and the family describes themselves like animal predators, complete with hissing. A cat class sounds like the perfect way to tap into some feline attitude.

Ashley Greene:

“Oh yeah, I definitely had a crush on Jackson when we first started working together. he’s just such a little Southern gentleman and he’s so artistically brilliant.”

Jasper and Alice embracing in Twilight

It’s adorable to think that the onscreen couple of Alice and Jasper also had some onscreen chemistry. Alice was a fast fan-favorite, with some fans believing she deserves her own Twilight spinoff series. With the real-life couple of Rob and Kristen, it’s surprising to learn that the series could have had another real-life Twilight pairing.

It’s also great to know that Jackson Rathbone, who played Jasper Hale, is just as much of a Southern gentleman offscreen as he is on. In Hollywood, that’s not always the case.

Kellan Lutz:

“The girls can’t prank us! They’re great actresses, but they don’t really have the imagination to push a boy’s buttons. Not much gets to us.”

Twilight Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen Baseball Scene

The Twilight set seems like it was full of strong friendships and shenanigans. From what Lutz and other cast members have said, the cast formed very strong bonds with each other and became very close. As with many close friendships, fun and games devolved into a prank war.

Lutz, whose beloved character has been the inspiration for some amazing Emmett Cullen memes, exudes the same puppy dog, fun older brother energy as his vampire counterpart. It’s no surprise that he was the prankster on set.

Director, Catherine Hardwicke:

“Is this where you ran out of the theater? That’s what your mom told me, that you just ran out.”

Edward and Bella dance with an Edward close up : Twilight

Another quote from the amazing director’s commentary comes from the director herself, Catherine Hardwicke. When the group gets to the scene in the Italian restaurant with Edward and Bella, Pattinson comments, “I think this is where I can’t handle it anymore–in the premiere” and Hardwicke responds with this quote.

The idea of Hardwicke casually talking to Pattinson’s mom is really funny, let alone the fact that he simply ran out of the film premiere. Some actors have a hard time watching their own films or some get overwhelmed by nerves at a premiere, but Pattinson’s whimsical nature suggests that maybe he got a case of the giggles and had to be excused.

Bella [in the director’s commentary cut]: “You scared me.” Robert Pattinson: “I was trying to. [in a fake lower voice] I thought you would like that. [In a Batman impression:] I’m Batman.”

Robert Pattinson as The Batman 2022

Any celebrity impression is funny to listen to, but this one has an added layer of humor to it. It seems like Pattinson foreshadowed his own casting as the dark knight in this hilariously psychic quote. Although fans don’t know much about Matt Reeve’s project, there are already several theories about possible storylines that The Batman could follow. Sneaking up on his girlfriend in her truck, however, will probably not be one of them.

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