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Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Set Video & Photos Reveal Major Character’s Return

Video from the Parisian set of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon reveals the return of another major character from the Walking Dead universe.

Set video and photos from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon reveal a major returning character. The first of three new Walking Dead universe spinoffs just premiered on AMC, as Maggie and Negan began their highly-anticipated New York mission on The Walking Dead: Dead City. Next up, Daryl Dixon gets his time to shine in a solo adventure that sees the fan-favorite making his way across the pond to France, which just so happens to be as zombie-infested as America.

As it turns out, this promised Daryl Dixon solo adventure to France will actually be a big-time Walking Dead reunion team-up, as set video (via TWD Universe FR) and a photo (via Norman Reedus Network) confirm the return of Melissa McBride as Daryl’s Platonic pal Carol.

A recent image of McBride in France kicked off rumors of a Carol return in the upcoming Walking Dead spinoff, but this new video and photo evidence take things beyond the rumor phase and into the realm of fact. In the footage, Reedus and McBride are seen filming a scene on a Paris bridge, in their post-apocalyptic costumes.

A Carol And Daryl Reunion Was Inevitable

Carol and Daryl seeing dead Henry The Walking Dead season 9

It was indeed great news when Reedus’ Daryl was confirmed to be embarking on his own spinoff show, but enthusiasm was tempered when it was later revealed that McBride would not be joining Reedus in France, as she preferred to take some time off. But even as it was announced that McBride would not be appearing right away in the show that came to be officially titled The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Reedus himself was happy to tease the possibility that Carol could still show up down the road.

Given that the cat is now out of the bag about Carol being in the new spinoff, it’s natural to be slightly cynical, and suspect The Walking Dead of engaging in disinformation by claiming McBride was out of the mix. Misleading fans about Carol’s involvement arguably was necessary in order to maximize the impact of the inevitable reunion, a major consideration, given that contriving such emotional reunions is a big part of how The Walking Dead universe operates (especially with Carol and Daryl, who during the original series were constantly separating and getting back together).

It’s yet to be seen when in the new run of Daryl Dixon episodes this Carol-and-Daryl reunion happens, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it go down late in season 1, maybe even in the final episode. With The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon likely to be in line for a second season on AMC, fans may have to wait awhile for the full Carol and Daryl reunion to happen.

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