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Chasing Shadows: Did Comparisons to Priyanka Chopra Push Sophie Turner to Her Limits?

The stunning new reasons for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s breakup have been revealed. The news of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s breakup spread like wildfire online, and since then, many theories have been advanced to explain their apparent disagreements. Recent speculation suggests that Sophie’s continuous comparisons to her ex-sister-in-law and Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra contributed to her and Joe’s separation.

Sophie Turner

It has been reported by Cosmopolitan that the actress from Game of Thrones is suffering from stress and anxiety due to the repeated comparisons with the Bollywood star. Sophie became increasingly agitated as a result of the Jonases’ repeated comparisons. You may also be interested in reading: Joe Jonas disputes reports that his and Sophie Turner’s girls were taken in response to Turner’s allegations.

Sophie Turner was envious of Priyanka Chopra because of the Jonas brothers’ constant comparisons of the two.

Sophie reportedly had no problem with the comparison at first, but she ultimately decided to end things because she is only 27, hasn’t really lived her life, and has spent all her good and young age working, while the Jonas family wanted Joe to settle like Nick Jonas, who is the same age. Is it true that Joe Jones caught Sophie Turner on ‘ring camera’ before they announced their split?

Sophie, who began dating Joe Jonas when she was only 19, is now a married 23-year-old. The pair separated because of a seven-year age discrepancy, which she reportedly took personally since she felt too young to settle down with Joe and his family.

Statement from the two of us: ‘After four beautiful years of marriage we have mutually chosen to amicably dissolve our marriage,’” Sophie and Joe said in their statement announcing their split. A number of conjectural explanations have been advanced, but in reality this is a collective choice, and we ask that our privacy and that of our children be respected.

Joe and Sophie, parents to daughters Willa and Delphine, chose to divorce peacefully after four years of marriage. Well, contrary to the allegations, we have seen Sophie and Priyanka together quite regularly, and their social media profiles are a great indication that they are more like BFFs.

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