10 Filler Episodes To Skip To Save Time

While there are many classic Seinfeld episodes that are hilarious fan favorites, there are a few episodes that fans can definitely skip.

Whether fans have watched every single episode hundreds of times or have just seen a few, Seinfeld is definitely a show with memorable episodes. From “The Subway” to “The Chinese Restaurant” to “The Parking Garage,” these episodes are beloved for their solid storylines and funny resolutions. But even though Seinfeld is an iconic sitcom and can be rewatched anytime, there are a few episodes that stand out for feeling a bit random and out of sync with the rest of the show.

From a dull season 1 episode to a few in the final season that aren’t that funny, there are many Seinfeld episodes that could be skipped when watching the show again or for the very first time.

“The Stakeout” (S1, E2)

Jerry sits with his parents and watches Kramer approach in Seinfeld.

Jerry makes bad dating decisions on Seinfeld, and while the show does talk a lot about first dates, ending relationships, and wondering about commitment, the season 1 episode “The Stakeout” is really tough to like.

Jerry meets someone at a party who he likes but he doesn’t have her phone number or name. When Morty says that Jerry should stand outside her apartment building until she comes outside, it’s an awkward and strange idea.

“The Statue” (S2, E6)

George and Kramer in "The Statue"

It’s hard to find a filler episode in the early seasons of Seinfeld as there are so many classics, but this season 2 episode isn’t very good.

Jerry’s grandpa’s statue looks like one that George ruined, and when a character named Ray has the statue at his place, Elaine and Jerry believe that Ray took it. Kramer steals it by acting like a police officer. It might be slightly funny when George ends up breaking the statue all over again, but the episode feels awkward and Kramer acting like a cop doesn’t seem necessary.

“The Mom & Pop Store” (S6, E8)

Many Seinfeld episodes are hilarious and creative, but this season 6 one stands out because it doesn’t feel like it fits the quality of the show.

In a storyline that feels too unrealistic, Kramer brings Jerry’s sneakers to an old-fashioned store. Kramer is responsible for the store shutting down when he tells the owners to hire an electrician who says that repairs need to be made and there’s no money for it. This is a sad plotline that isn’t funny at all.

“The Secretary” (S6, E9)

George does some offensive things on Seinfeld, and this season 6 episode isn’t one that holds up well thanks to a storyline revolving around this character.

From Elaine realizing that a clothing store has mirrors that make customers look like they weigh less than they do to George hiring an “unattractive” secretary who he then sleeps with, it’s hard to imagine this going over well today. It’s not likely an episode that fans will want to watch again.

“The Kiss Hello” (S6, E17)

Eliane and Wendy smiling on Seinfeld

There isn’t much of a storyline for Jerry in this episode, making it feel like a filler episode that could be skipped, and Elaine’s isn’t that interesting, either.

Jerry goes to his grandpa’s place to help open a bottle of ketchup, which feels too small even for a Seinfeld plotline, and Elaine is upset that her friend Wendy, who is a physiotherapist, won’t help her with a shoulder injury. Elaine spends many episodes being mad at people so this doesn’t feel special.

“The Gum” (S7, E10)

Kramer, Jerry, and Elaine holding popcorn on Seinfeld

“The Gum” feels like a fairly random episode, and it’s another one that fans could skip. The main storyline sees Kramer helping open an older movie theater.

There’s also a plotline involving Kramer’s friend Lloyd and Kramer asking Jerry to put on glasses when around him. This episode isn’t very funny or compelling, especially when compared to the others on the popular sitcom.

“The Summer of George” (S8, E22)

George makes mistakes on Seinfeld, and in this season 8 episode, he wants to have a fun summer that doesn’t involve working at all.

While this is funny, George is often unemployed on the sitcom, and it’s possible to say that viewers have already seen George enjoying his time off from going to an office every day. This episode doesn’t feel as hilarious as it could.

“The Merv Griffin Show” (S9, E6)

Kramer hosting the new Merv Griffin show

By season 9 of Seinfeld, fans are used to seeing Kramer scheming and coming up with random ideas, so when he decides to pretend that his apartment is the setting for The Merv Griffin Show, it doesn’t feel that new or fresh.

While fans are always happy to see a hilarious Kramer storyline, this one might not be as interesting as previous plotlines, making it an episode that could be skipped.

“The Voice” (S9, E2)

Claire looking serious on Seinfeld

Jerry’s Seinfeld break-ups are often because of random reasons, but in the season 9 episode “The Voice,” he’s enjoy dating Claire.

Jerry’s storyline in this episode is a little strange: he pretends to be the voice of Claire’s stomach and jokes “Helloooo!” She isn’t that pleased by this and it’s possible that viewers don’t love it either, as there are more interesting episodes about Jerry’s dating life.

“The Maid” (S9, E19)

Cindy filing her nails on Jerry's couch in Seinfeld

Season 9’s “The Maid” feels awkward to watch again, as Jerry starts having sex with Cindy, who he has hired to clean his apartment.

If viewers watch this episode for the first time, it won’t be funny then either, and it feels like a storyline that didn’t need to be part of the show. The episode veers into tough territory when Jerry gives Cindy cash but says that she didn’t actually clean his place.

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